Chris Puter

Executive Chef

Chris Puter

Work Nickname

To the Culinary team I am Chefferson! I have no idea where it came from, but it has stuck! My wife and daughters call me Chrissy Poo…may this nick name never catch on in the kitchen!

Born and Raised

I was born and raised in Littleton, Colorado and graduated from Chatfield High School (GO Chargers!) in Jefferson County.

When did you join RMC+E

I joined RMC in summer of 2016 as chef de cuisine after a lengthy tenure at a local Country Club. I met our owner, Patrick, at Restaurant Depot and he invited me in for a “cooking” interview. After 4 short months I was promoted to the Executive Chef position and never looked back.

What Inspires you

I’m inspired by people who love the culinary arts as much as I do. RMC&E has such a fun, positive atmosphere that includes a daily family meal. We take turns preparing this meal and it gives us that needed time in the middle of the day to connect with each other and allow us to keep our culinary creative juices flowing.

When not at work

When not at work you can find me spending time with my family or our ever-growing flock of animals. Dogs, chickens, reptiles…the animals currently outnumber the people residing at my house.

Favorite food

My favorite food is TACOS…I like to break away from tradition and turn the heat up ALL the way.

Favorite RMC food: The Luther Burger…have you had one? Find us at the next bridal show and give them a try! They are an RMC&E staple and will blow your mind. Because of their popularity we make a couple variations now but the “original” is the one for me. I could literally eat 100 of them. OK, that sparks an idea for a team Luther Burger eating competition that I need to make happen.

What sets Rocky Mountain Catering & Events apart?

The people. Over 250 people work here during peak season and they’re all seasoned pros that are great to work with. It’s the culture - it’s the people we hire. Patrick has a culture of treating people very well, it’s his golden rule, and we don’t discriminate in anyway. Rocky Mountain Catering & Events is such a fun, positive atmosphere. We eat lunch together every day, like family, which makes sense as we spend more time with each other than with our own families.

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