Patrick McCreary

Owner – Chef – Culinary Product Development

Patrick McCreary

At 18, I landed my first job in catering, and I was fortunate to work for one of only 52 certified master chefs in America. I cut my teeth on the mind-bending nature of that job, and I saw firsthand how often things go wrong in the catering world. While some people melt under the pressure of the nerve-shattering chaos mixed with the rigid structure and timelines, I got hooked on that adrenaline rush of expecting the unexpected. I knew I wanted to chase that down for the rest of my life.

After attending the culinary program at Arapahoe Douglas Vocational School, I graduated from the culinary arts program at Johnson & Wales University in Rhode Island. From there, I helped launch the program at the Denver campus of Johnson & Wales before founding Rocky Mountain Catering & Events.

How did Rocky Mountain Catering and Events get started?

Rocky Mountain Catering & Events began in 1998 as a little barbeque catering company. I began running Rocky Mountain Catering & Events out of a back hallway in my buddy’s Italian restaurant. With a table for four and a tiny hall closet as a storeroom. I was determined to grow the company, one conversation at a time.

I met with brides, grooms, party hosts, and event planners. I asked intentional questions, and I listened carefully to capture their vision for the event. From that initial conversation, I drew from my decades of vast experience as a chef of fine dining, and I proposed custom menus and unique dishes. I then went into the kitchen, and I cooked the food I had promised them. Time after time, new clients could see that I cared, and they watched me keep my word and deliver plates to their palates. Word began to spread, and the company became known. Our name joined the hottest lists for weddings, events, and venues as we soon partnered with the best vendors in town to create not just dishes, but complete environments for events. A small catering business found new life in that season, and we expanded to become Rocky Mountain Catering and Events. It’s been an amazing ride. We have catered more than two thousand weddings, countless nonprofit galas, and dozens of awards ceremonies, anniversaries, and birthday celebrations. Our calendar of scheduled events stretches into next year, and we are forever ready for the next assignment and adventure.

What process can the client expect?

The bare-bone basics that brought this company to greatness are still in our foundation today: we begin with a conversation. We bring each of our clients into our facility—no longer a back hallway in a restaurant, but now a freestanding building in the heart of Denver’s Tech Center. We want to get to know the people who are having the party, and we want to honor your budget and match your vision. Weddings are especially complex and personal, so we offer services that match exactly what you have in mind as a couple. We invite you for a consultation to discuss every option: linen colors, floor plans, dates, timelines, and of course, wow-inspiring foods that fit your style. We will discuss serving styles, from butlers to a buffet. We explore the vibe of your venue to create a menu that matches the rustic charm of an old barn, the classic presence of a historic mansion, or the urban themes of the hip venues in downtown Denver. With this information, we will create a proposal that includes all of the costs with clear pricing, so you’ll know what to expect. We will be very transparent with you, with no hidden fees or surprises. Once you begin to see the vision take shape and you approve the proposal, we will invite you for the next step: the tasting. We create the exact menu you can expect for the day of your event. When you have tasted it and you love it – and we know you will – then you can choose to sign on the dotted line and let us plan your event.

We can meet all of your needs, from top to bottom, from appetizer forks to dessert plates. From the first conversation to the final moments of your event, our service will be on point. The food will be creative and delicious, and the service will be excellent. I guarantee it.

How does your staff exceed expectations?

We hire the right partners. As we conduct interviews with people who’d like to be on our team, I can tell right away if they are focused on customer service. That is our top priority, and our entire team reflects that core value.

What sets our service apart from other catering teams?

Our level of training is exceptional. We have numerous and ongoing trainings throughout the year, and we have trainers on site at every event to ensure the execution of our standards. You are guaranteed excellence on the day of your event.

Each of our servers are trained in fine dining. They understand the intricate details involved: serving from the left, clearing from the right, how to refill beverages, how to keep the table clutter free, how to balance and carry a full tray, and how to navigate a busy dining room.

We have a highly rigid system for plating, and our standard guarantees we will serve up to 500 guests in twenty-two minutes or less. Have you ever been to an event where you’ve seen people across the dining room receive their meal, but you’ve had to wait an hour before your own arrives? We find that unacceptable, and we won’t do it to your guests. We will accommodate each of your guests as if they are at an intimate gathering designed for their pleasure. Much of our competition utilizes temporary staff, but at Rocky Mountain Catering and Events, we have a team of nearly 200 servers who are personally hand-trained to give you the best service. A temporary server will get day-of training; our staff trains all year long, preparing for your day. You’ll experience the best service possible. We are always studying the newest stylish trends in service and presentation, so we can take your event to the next level. We work with elite designers for creating décor and environment, and at the end of the day, we can promise you excellence—and you’ll have fun at your party.

What is my favorite part of serving a client?

Food is a symphony, you gotta tune it and you gotta taste it. People eat with their eyes so it’s also gotta be sexy. It’s an honor to bring that symphony to each and every client.

Our promise is delivering extreme professionalism, amazing service, creative and stylish food that the guests will never stop talking about.

At Rocky Mountain Catering & Events, it’s your vision and our passion.

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