Patrick McCreary

Owner – Chef – Culinary Product Development

Patrick McCreary

Work Nickname: The Visionary

I have a clear vision of the future for RMC&E and we are taking the steps to plan and execute that goal. I love to think outside the box, be optimistic and inspire others by taking risks and making change!

Born and raised

I am a true Coloradan…born here, stayed here and above all else I am Bronco fan!

When did you join RMC+E

At the very beginning! 15 years ago, I took an opportunity to use my passion and experience to create Rocky Mountain Catering & Events. Starting in the back hallway of a friend’s Italian restaurant and growing it to what it is today.

Favorite part of the job

I absolutely love what I do!  Building an amazing community and culture while fostering some fantastic relationships and having fun! I love to make every event better than the last one.

What inspires you

Being around passionate people while seeing my ideas become a reality that is continuously shared with others. I enjoy reading the positive feedback from our clients and knowing we made a difference at their event.

When not at work

Spending time with my wife, children, family and our pets! I love hiking…we have hiked 292 miles since 2017.  Traveling the world and exploring food of all types has been a dream come true.

Favorite food

Pizza from Venice, Italy – the crust is thin but perfectly balanced, not to crunchy and is made with wheat flour and olive oil. Italians truly cook with love and passion, and it is clearly tasted in their dishes!

Favorite RMC food is: The Luther Burger…what can I say, “A glazed donut hole, petite Angus beef patty, candied bacon, cheddar cheese, and a little drop of garlic aioli.”

You can eat it in just one bite…we have all taken the challenge!

At Rocky Mountain Catering & Events, it’s your vision and our passion.

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