Buffet Catering Service - Which catering service style is best for YOUR event

Buffet Catering Service

Buffet Catering service is where the food is located at buffet tables and your guests take turns walking through the buffet and serving themselves. However, additional wait staff may be hired to serve the line at the buffet and depending on the size of your guest count more than one buffet station may be required.

  • Less time required to serve
  • Fewer wait staff
  • Your guests can come back for more
  • Variety of food items
  • Guests can select items that fit their dietary restrictions
  • Can create a more casual atmosphere
  • Space is needed to set up the tables
  • Portion controls are harder to control

Plated Catering Service

Plated Catering service is a little more sophisticated compared to the buffet. If your event is semi-formal or formal this service style is for you. Guests will decide on their meal choices ahead of time and everyone is served at the same time.

  • No lines
  • Your caterer knows just how much food to prepare
  • Beautiful plate presentation
  • More staff is required to facilitate
  • Portions are controlled by the Chef

Family Style Catering Service

Family Style catering service is a great compromise between the buffet and plated catering styles. Guests have their own individual plates and staff bring out large plates and bowls of food for the tables to share and guests can then help themselves.

  • Interactive and fun
  • Guests choose what they prefer
  • Limited number of guests per table
  • Minimal Centerpieces – table space is required

Station Meal Catering Service

Station Meal catering service usually the stations are scattered around the room to encourage guests to interact while they dine. It can feel a little more modern or trendy and can offer a variety of menu items and unique presentations.

  • They can come and go as they please
  • No seating assignments needed
  • Décor can be individually themed
  • Not as cost effective as a buffet
  • Lines can still form if there is a “favorite”
  • Need to be constantly replenished

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