Cory Bugay

Assistant General Manager

Cory Bugay

What would your work nickname be?

C-Beasy, because I am so easy going…until I’m not!

Where were you born and raised? If not Colorado, what brought you here?

I was born in Tyler, TX  and moved to Colorado in 2011 to be closer to the mountains and to pursue some new culinary opportunities.

When did you join Rocky Mountain Catering & Events, and in what position did you start?

After 5 years at the Cherry Hills Country Club as their Executive Chef, I moved to RMC in May of 2022 as the Assistant General Manager.

What inspires you?

All things related to nature! I find spending more time in nature can help me make more health-minded food choices and can be very beneficial to your overall nutrition and whole body health.

When not at work, what are you doing?

Anything that allows me to spend more time with my family. I enjoy hiking with my dad, I am passionate about music and own an extensive collection, and love reading when it’s time to slow things down and enjoy some peace and quiet.

What is your favorite food? Favorite RMC food??

I was born in Texas, so bring on the BBQ but have you had RMC's house made Sushi? Enough said! 

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